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About Us


Q. Who is Hearts in Hands, Inc.?
A. Hearts in Hands, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing God’s grace and showing His love to our community by serving the poor around us, particularly those without family resources.

Q. Are donations to Hearts In Hands tax-deductible?
A. Yes.  Donations to Hearts In Hands are generally tax deductible under federal law for 501c3 organizations.

Q. How can I contact Hearts In Hands?
A. Call us at (205) 547-0306 or email us at

Q. Is Hearts In Hands affiliated with any particular church group or denomination?
A. No.  Hearts In Hands is a non-denominational Christian organization comprised of volunteers from all over the community who are united in our commitment to serve others for the sake of Jesus Christ.

Q. In what cities and counties does HIH offer services?
A. Greater Birmingham including Shelby and Jefferson counties.

Q. Does Hearts In Hands have any paid staff?
A. No.  Hearts In Hands is comprised only of unpaid volunteers.

Q. What services does Hearts In Hands provide?
A. We provide wheelchair ramps, handyman services, roof repair, plumbing, electrical, floor and door repairs.

Q. What services does HIH refer to other nonprofits or churches?
A. Bible Reading/Bible Teaching/Prayer service, visitation services, housekeeping, assistance with learning to read, utility bill assistance, errands/shopping, personal financial counseling, marriage counseling, medical services, transportation services, remodeling, foundation and structural repair, aesthetic improvements, and home construction or demolition.

Q. Will HIH provide any services through a PAID professional service provider?
A. Yes.  Any service that requires a licensed professional or where HIH lacks the expertise to provide internally may be provided through a professional service provider.

Q. What kinds of people does HIH serve?
A. Any low-income (poor) person or family that meets our eligibility criteria posted on the Client information page of our website.

Q. What income limits does HIH impose before accepting a new client?
A. Hearts In Hands has adopted income eligibility guidelines that are based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.  Copies of these guidelines will be made available upon request.